DEMO 2: Sidebar Search Box DEMO

WooCommerce Search Box Plugin can easily integrate itself with your theme’s existing search forms.
So you don’t need any additional html, shortcode. Just install the plugin and it will turn your existing search forms to smart suggestion boxes.

Turns your EXISTING search form into MAGIC SEARCH BOX with smart and fast suggestions – no any additional coding!

  • To test typo resolver, type Shwarskof insted of Schwarzkopf, or  Shaomi instead of Xiaomi, or Volsvagen instead of Volkswagen.
  • To test multi-sequence feature, type Touch Amazon instead of Amazon Kindle Touch or type Apple Phone instead of iPhone.
  • To test special letters resolver Francaise de cafe instead of Française de café.
  • To test search by custom fields+attributes feature,
    – type Dan Brown instead of The Da Vinci Code
    – or type red sneakers
    – or type pink iphone
  • Type XMK77 to test WooCommerce Search by SKU feature.
  • Type daasdsadsa to test “no match+suggestions” message.
  • Type camera to test search by category feature.
  • Type ebook reader or bike to test search by synonym feature.

All these processes are live, without server loading and waiting time!

And these ones are only some features. The plugin has a lot of another privilegies your store needs…

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We can surely say that “WooCommerce Search Box” plugin is one of the best WooCommerce plugins ever.

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