What we do – Our custom services

If you have e-commerce website and you are not satisfied with its performance, we can offer the best configuration with affordable price.   We would make your website  secure, much more faster and clean structured.

Software, Architecture, and Complexity

Instead of hard-cached, unstable managed hosting we offer to move to pure Cloud Server, without 3rd party solution interventions. Clean, Fast and Secure. F.e. DigitalOcean, Vultr, Hetzner etc. – This gives you great advantages on performance and correct on-demand data providing. (no any expired cached data, timeout, errors anymore)

Performance, Security, Caching

We can move your DNS to Cloudflare and configure its settings in best conditions for your website. We have done it for more than 100 websites, so we know what is the best Cloudflare configuration for WooCommerce websites. And as all things like minifying, compression, resizing, CDN, caching are done at Cloudflare side, you can easily disable all corresponding WordPress plugins. This will make your WP installation faster, more stable and reliable. Fewer plugins, less trouble.

Regular maintenance and support.

The last thing is maintenance and support. You have 2 choices then:

  1. We build and deliver new configuration to you, and then you manage your accounts and have DigitalOcean (or another provider) support. They also have automatized backup solution. In this case, you pay us a one-time fee for implementing a new configuration.
  2. If you don’t want to spend time on tech things on your website – we can make all of the tech things for your website.
  • Security of your website and data. (scanning plugins, protecting your server etc.)
  • Our own ping/alert system which informs us if there is downtime in your website – and we immediately solve it ASAP
  • Keeping Backups and restore them if it is needed.
  • Managing Cloudflare side for you: correctly configured CDN-s, cache mechanisms, keeping SSL up, writing custom page rules to avoid wrong caches and other common troubles etc.
  • If you pay 12 months at once, then we do the migration process for you for free.

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