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Premium plugins

Smart Backend Search Layer PRO

WordPress plugin which invisibly turns your website’s search forms, AJAX searchs to powerful, smart, fast search engine.
Price: 29$

InTime Smart Popups for WooCommerce

WordPress/WooCommerce plugin which pushes dynamic top messages to a visitors then they are watching the product.
Price: 38$

WooCommerce Search Engine – INSTANT AND SMART Search Plugin

Lightning fast and smart Woocommerce Search Plugin which is available without monthly fees.

Live Search and Smart AutoComplete for WordPress

“Live Search and Smart AutoComplete for WordPress” is a WordPress plugin which will enrich your WordPress search function.

30 minute Premium Support

Premium Support on WordPress/WooCommerce

You can purchase 30 minute support from us and so we will provide you 30 minute support on the given product. Contact us before purchasing please.
Price: 29$

Server Care & Optimization Service

If you don’t want to spend time on tech things on your website – we can make all of the tech things for your website.

Price: 70$/month

Free plugins


Free version of “Smart Backend Search Layer PRO” plugin. Which includes the most important features but have some limits.

“SQL Chart Builder – WordPress Chart Generator plugin”

“Custom Dialogs for Contact Form 7”