New plugin which improves WordPress backend search

It works for all kind of plugins and logics (normal search results, AJAX reuqests etc.)

Main features are:
– Fuzzy search – which understands misspellings, typos and provides correct results.
– Cache Layer – which makes search results process much more faster
– Search by all possible data – meta fields, attributes, taxonomies(category, tag, custom taxonomies)
– Synonym search

It has both free and PRO versions available.

Major update for “Easy DidYouMean and Autocomplete for WP Search” plugin.

Today we have pushed new update for “Easy DidYouMean and Autocomplete for WP Search” plugin – v.2.0.0.
It now has a new name too: “Live Search and Smart AutoComplete for WordPress“.

Here are some of important changes we have made:

  • We have completely removed jQuery UI library from the plugin’s source and replaced it with better and lighter one: Twitter Typeahead.
  • We have removed didyoumean shortcode from PHP side and brought this feature to frontend. So, now it doesn’t need any shortcode or configuration. It works out of the box.
  • The most important news: We have created new module which gives live suggestions and autocomplete based on Posts, Pages, Products names. (in earlier versions it provided suggestions data based on single popular keywords based on website content. Now alongside with old feature you can choose the new feature)

Custom Dialog Messages for Contact Form 7 plugin

We have just released new plugin extension for the most popular WP contact form plugin “Contact Form 7”
The plugin adds very useful feature to Contact Form 7 plugin.

With this Contact Form 7 extension you can easily create multiple rules which will prevent wrong submissions by users. For example if you get repeated wrong messages from users, this plugin can prevent this by scanning user message before submit. If it detects that user’s message contains |WRONG| keyword, it will not let him/her to submit. Or it can just warn him/her and let him to skip and submit.

Rules can be created with simple 2 steps.

  1. Give any name to your rule.
  2. Add related contact form ID (or type * to affect all forms), title, NEEDED KEYWORDS, title and warning text for warning dialod and click to ADD. That’s all.

That’s. It will prevent and reduce number of wrong addressed submission and you will gain more free time to spend answering to RIGHT addressed messages.

Download Free Plugin

SQL Charts v2.0 is available now

We have just updated our free SQL Charts plugin to the new 2.0 version.

There are two major changes in the new version:

  • Now you can use local, included charts too.(in previous version you could use Google Charts only).
  • You can use several mysql queries in one single chart. Which is great for data comparison.

There are also some another useful changes.

SQL Charts is free WordPress plugin which can create beautiful Local and Google Charts based on your SQL queries, then you can use those charts in any part of your website. You can use both native wp and non-wp mysql tables in your queries.

Get the free plugin now.

WooCommerce Search Box v1.5 is available now

New 1.5 version of “WooCommerce Search Box – LIVE, FAST AND SMART Suggestions” plugin is now available on Codecanyon.

Alongside with existing old features like “Lightning Fast Search by Product Name, Description, Synonyms, SKU, Product Tags, Custom Fields and Attributes” we have also added 2 new great features to new 1.5 version.

– Backend Search – This great feature will help you to have same search results at backend side(the page which opens after pressing enter-submit) with smart live results which appears during live search at front side.
– Search Analytics – This new admin section will show you all frontend and backend search keywords by your website visitors. It will collect data, and show you tables, graphs and charts with several filters,orders which will be very helpful for you.

We have also made some optimizations in search algorythm.
– Thank to our new templating mechanism now frontend cache size will ve 2-3 times(!) less than previous ones.
– We have also optimized start trigger for live suggestion box. Which will optimize search suggestions performance for low-end mobile devices.