Custom Dialog Messages for Contact Form 7 plugin

We have just released new plugin extension for the most popular WP contact form plugin “Contact Form 7”
The plugin adds very useful feature to Contact Form 7 plugin.

With this Contact Form 7 extension you can easily create multiple rules which will prevent wrong submissions by users. For example if you get repeated wrong messages from users, this plugin can prevent this by scanning user message before submit. If it detects that user’s message contains |WRONG| keyword, it will not let him/her to submit. Or it can just warn him/her and let him to skip and submit.

Rules can be created with simple 2 steps.

  1. Give any name to your rule.
  2. Add related contact form ID (or type * to affect all forms), title, NEEDED KEYWORDS, title and warning text for warning dialod and click to ADD. That’s all.

That’s. It will prevent and reduce number of wrong addressed submission and you will gain more free time to spend answering to RIGHT addressed messages.

Download Free Plugin